Our Seminars

The Path of the Heart Seminars are hosted by Sacred Heart Ministries, an independent, non-affiliated ministry founded Gabriel Gonsalves whose mission is to provide a sacred space for individuals to explore, understand, and heal their hearts.

Our goal is to facilitate the healing of humanity by nurturing unity, compassion, and understanding on an individual basis. Joining one of our seminars offers you an opportunity to explore your own heart, enhancing your connection with yourself and others. We invite you to join us as we navigate the path of self-discovery and spiritual growth together.

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The Path of the Heart Seminars

Filled with fun activities, interactive group processes, and live music, The Path of the Heart Seminars will support you in creating the life and relationships you want to experience. You’ll stop looking for happiness outside yourself and re-connect with your inner source of joy, freedom, and peace, and walk away feeling inspired, excited, and optimistic about your life.

The Path of the Heart

This intensive three-day seminar is designed to help you reconnect with your inner joy and find the courage to follow the path that your heart truly desires. We focus on exploring the deep reservoir of wisdom that resides within your heart, and how you can use this wisdom to transform your life journey.

Throughout the seminar, you’ll be guided through numerous exercises to identify your personal values, passions, and potential. We’ll address common problems such as feeling disconnected, unfulfilled, or directionless, and provide practical solutions to realign your life with your heart’s calling.

Participants can expect a supportive environment that encourages self-discovery and personal growth. You’ll leave the seminar with a heightened sense of self-awareness, a clear vision of your potential, and the confidence to take your first steps towards a more fulfilling and heart-centered life.

The Sacred Journey

The Sacred Journey is a five-day immersive seminar that focuses on deeply healing emotional wounds and releasing the energetic blocks that have been holding you back from experiencing greater joy and love.

We will explore the often-neglected emotional dimension of human experience, shedding light on the ways our past trauma and unresolved emotions can inhibit our growth. We aim to help you face and heal these emotional wounds, freeing you to move forward with less baggage and more freedom.

This seminar is a remarkable opportunity not only for deep healing but also for profound personal transformation. By the end of the immersive five days, you can expect to gain a clearer, more nuanced understanding of your emotional landscape, invaluable tools and strategies for navigating emotional challenges, and a profound sense of liberation and renewal from the burdens you arrived with.

Partners on the Path

Partners On The Path, our final seminar, serves as a practical application stage for all the tools, practices, and insights gained from the previous seminars. It’s focused on fostering connections and collaborative relationships.

Recognizing that our personal growth doesn’t happen in isolation, this seminar is designed to teach you how to apply your heart’s wisdom in partnership with others. By practicing skills like empathetic listening, constructive feedback, and collaborative problem-solving, you’ll enhance your interpersonal relationships and create supportive networks for continuous growth.

You’ll leave enriched with a profound hands-on experience in applying what you’ve learned, forging meaningful connections that might last a lifetime, and the unwavering confidence to continue your transformative journey with others, accelerating your path to personal success and fulfillment.

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